Sep 22, 2016

Storyteller666 - The Swing

One day a little girl was the backyard of her house to play. She was an educated girl created with love and care by parents. Was only 9 years old and loved the swing that hung from the tree that she called “my” - “My Tree”.

One day she sat on the swing and started to watch the sunset. A beautiful sight indeed, but here she hears someone call her name. Not blatantly and tall as her mother or father did, but solemn and hushed manner. At first she did not care, thought that was hearing things. In the second call, she looked around and saw nothing. In the third, she looked back and saw a kind of shadow or penumbra high and hidden behind a tree. She looked carefully, but when get closer to identifying what was, fainted.

She woke up next day in a warm and comfortable bed. When asked her parents how had got there, they said they saw sleeping at the feet of her tree and brought she to home. She said about the dark figure that was found in the backyard, but her parents said it was just a dream. And she for doubting what saw, also believed to have been, by the way, never the shadow reappeared.

Twenty years later, the little girl was already a woman. Graduated in law, earning well at work, she was good at her job, living the life always dreamed of. One day receives the sad news that her parents died and left the house as an inheritance. The parents were very old by the 70’s age, but though this way, the news surprised her so much that she wanted to go immediately to the house and arrange the details of the funeral.

Upon arriving at the house, a melancholy air wrapped. The last time she was there was years ago, and in times of happiness. Left the parental home to graduate in city and do not see them since then, except for a exchange of phone calls. She regretted deeply not having made company parents longer. The house now caused her sadness at the memory, but since the day she saw the shadow in your backyard, lived in fear even convinced it was just a dream.

By solving a recent arrangements with the funeral home, she decided to spend the night in the old house - not only by their parents to have bequeathed, but also to remember some of the good times. She was the yard where used to play. Her swing was still there in the same way it was when her left, only affected by some mosses and time itself. Her tree was slightly larger, but still the swing remained firm in it.

And again, was the young woman watching the sunset sitting sun on your old swing when something happens very familiar. A call - the same call - she had heard in the same place 20 years ago. She froze. Fear took her whole body until the last hair. In the second call she began to cry silently and wheezing. In the third, she looked back and saw again that frightening shadow staring eyeless. She just could not stop looking at it; she was mesmerized. Just cried and panted. Again the shadow call her and she begins to walk toward it.

After that day, the young woman was never seen again. Rumors that she disappeared around the world, while others claim that she was abducted. We will never know in the end what happened, but know that if you listen a shadow calling our name, believe me, it is not a dream.


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