Nov 25, 2016

Storyteller666 - The Werewolf

They think that I was astounding, supernatural, cursed, insane and sick - and perhaps even be right -, but I will demystify for you this story so badly told that is the mine. I am the Werewolf, and here I will tell exactly how I became what I am and what all know, but this is a story that will surprise many and few will understand.

One night I was not feeling very well, I felt distressed and confused for no apparent reason, so I decided to go out and do a little night hike. It was a pleasant evening, people in the streets, cars on the road and a beautiful full moon beautifully adorned the sky. I felt the weight of anguish coming from my shoulders and slowly I was feeling good again, breathing that pure and natural air, feeling the cold wind on my skin and the night becoming more relaxed; better than that could not stay.

I sat on the bench in the square which was a few blocks from my apartment, feeling better than ever that tranquility that the environment provided me. I closed my eyes for a moment to better feel the cold air on my face and then lifted my head slightly. When I opened my eyes, I was almost blinded by the bright light emanating from the moon. I felt hypnotized for a moment; for more than that bright light was hurting my eyes, I could not stop look it. I felt a chill that came from the spine to the tip of the big toe and up to the brain. At that time …. at that moment I was no longer human. I did not feel more like human, I felt like a beast, an animal, a monster. I realized almost at a glance seconds why the wolves howling at the moon … They idolized, had it as a source of energy and it was it that represented the true nature of them being. I became a wolf that moment, I felt the beast inside me ready to leave, wishing the moon, wishing life. That beast was hungry, and it needed to be fed.

I ran back to my apartment and checked the commitments for the next morning. Meetings, business lunch, meetings, corporate work, more meetings …. I tore the papers which were written, I grabbed my cell phone and called my fiancée, telling her: My love, today I was looking at the moon and thought of the two of us watching it more closely. What do you think of going to an adventure, an adventure where no one can stop us and where we can live the little time of life we have? I’ve lost a lot of time of my life with work and money, now it’s time to have our time. So, will follow me??

The origin of my anguish was the lack of feeling alive, the confusion was I do not know what or how to live. I lived to make money, and what good is having so much money if you do not have a chance to use it?? The moon showed me the beast that existed within me, and this beast needed adrenaline and very, very much pleasure. I have not supplied your need. I let my beast free for a few days - months, in fact - and next to the woman I loved, I went around the world to know every corner and enjoy every second of our life even after our marriage until death separated us. And so I became the Werewolf. Let your living beast free, and you may well be that one day I went…


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