Dec 22, 2015

DZKYIN - Speed Experience

The Ep that gaves the welcome to DZKYIN on Speedcore world, too the first release by him on a label - Antistatic. Track 02 and 03 contain vocals by the own DZKYIN. Track 04 is a bonus mashup by the Antistatic owner using the tracks 01 and 02. Released at 22/12/2015


01. DZKYIN - Meteor Shower
02. DZKYIN - Don't Stop
03. DZKYIN - The BPM Game
04. DZKYIN - Meteor Shower/Don't Stop (Micromix By Darklime)

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Dec 21, 2015


= Specie: Cyborg
= Music Type: Extreme and “strange” Music
= Main genres: Hard, Core, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient
= Label: Antropofagia Records

- About -

Thirth aliase by Juan Velter. Has a mysterious past and full of intrigue. Him creator is unknown, as the reason for your creation. He woke up in a destroyed laboratory in mid-2032, not even knowing who he was. He experienced a brutal war between the human race and a mysterious species, where in the midst of chaos, he fell in love with a young scientist, who was the only one who ached with his situation. When he could not give the life that his beloved deserved, he left without saying anything ... Without direction and without destiny. Adopts the philosophy of  "Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed; Everything becomes", having as a motivational phrase "The universe is not only stranger than we suppose; Is stranger than we can suppose", thus applying in him tracks proper and characteristic elements. Did not become very popular in shows and events wherever he went, but he liked and disliked several ears with his music, thus creating admirers and "haters". Its production line is based on what is called "Challenging Music" or "Out of the Common", following a more extreme line of production. It gained prominence in the styles Gabber, Speedcore, Extratone and Harsh Noise, being thus one of the icons of the Core scene.

Nov 11, 2015

[CDR186] Lukkoy & Gameplayer - Disco Voador

Released at 11/02/2015 on Chocolate Dealer Records, this is a special split between Lukkoy (Juan's friend) and Gameplayer. Contain one special remix by DJ AD!X.


01. Lukkoy & Gameplayer - Disco Voador
02. Lukkoy & Gameplayer - Disco Voador (DJ AD!X Remix)
03. Gameplayer - Sanduíche

Sep 16, 2015


= Specie: Unknown
= Music Type: Mental Dark Music
= Main genres: Psychedelic, Trance
= Label: Inverted Pentagram Records

- About -

The second aliase by Juan Velter. Also called "The shadow of the mind". He manifested a need to act directly in the physical world, and could not only continue in the spiritual or mental realm. Shortly after manifesting himself in the physical environment, he encountered a man about to take his own life. He saved him, and gave him a new reason to live, naming him thus Anghustia; The one who was once taken by it. It adopts the philosophy of "There is no Good and Evil; Good or bad; Only Useful and Useless "and shows to be devoid of emotions, without expressing joy, anger, fear or love. His line of musical production adds many demonic and dark values, in a highly obscure theme with elements of adrenaline and euphoria, as if dwelling in darkness were the reason for his true happiness. Although he does not have a sexual life or preference, he usually encourages sex in such a way that he has already promoted orgies in several of his shows - although he has not participated directly in them - because he believes that the being should feel what nature provides. It produces transcendental songs (Trance) and psychedelic (Psy) with a synth melodic touch. His specialties are Full On, Psy Trance and the Dark Forest, so often acting in night raves and Gothic ballads.

Aug 31, 2015

[CDR176] DREUM & Gameplayer - Windigo

First split by Gameplayer, with DREUM, originally released on Chocolate Dealer Records at 31/08/2015. Track 01 contain vocals from the own movie "Windigo".


01. DREUM & Gameplayer - Windig
02. DREUM & Gameplayer - The Hel
03. DREUM - Terrible Screm

Jun 20, 2015

Wolfs Minimal' Label

= About =

Wolfs Minimal' Label is a net-label founded at 20/06/2015 by Juan to release your tracks under the Gameplayer alias - out it, release some good stuff in Minimal/Techno style by other artists. Is a official commercial label and all tracks goes to the best digital stores (if it isn't free). Unfortunally, at 06/06/2018 Wolfs Minimal' was closed and have no date to come back.

In WM catalogue, the tracks are all paid; in WMBT, the tracks are free (avaliable with follow to download on Soundcloud).

= Links =

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Jun 8, 2015

[WR015] Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction

A remix EP released on the dead label Wolfs Rage' Records by Lukkoy and Powerfull. You can find here a lost remix by Gameplayer still present on the ancient label's Bandcamp. Released at 08/06/2015


01. Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction
02. Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction (Lvld'Up & SPHUD Remix)
03. Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction (Gben Remix)
04. Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction (Dim Addiict Remix)
05. Lukkoy & Powerfull - Destruction (Gameplayer Remix)

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