Jan 21, 2016

Antropofagia Records

= About =

Antropofagia Records is net-label founded by Juan at 21/01/2016 to release your tracks under the DZKYIN alias. Actually release many compilations and albuns by another artists. Is a free label and non-commercial that have all your stuff out of the big net stores. The release's genres circle around the Hard, Core, Dark and Noise music, being this way very underground. All the tracks can be found on Youtube channel and downloaded via Bandcamp or the official label site.

= Links =

Official Site: https://antropofagiarecords.yolasite.com/
Bandcamp: http://antropofagiarecords666.bandcamp.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRD68BTdmH9zu1Woffqm40w
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/antropofagia-records
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antropofagiarecords/
Email: antropofagiarecords@gmail.com

Jan 15, 2016

[IPR001] Obscuridad - Exorcist

The first release by Obscuridad at your own label. Contain vocals and soundtrack from the movie "Exorcist", and its a kind of the new style "Future Prog" created in Brazil by Mandragora. Released at 15/01/2016


01. Obscuridad - Exorcist

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Inverted Pentagram Records

= About =

Inverted Pentagram Records is a net-label founded by Juan at 15/01/2016 to release your tracks under the Obscuridad alias. Out it, release too other tracks by many artists in Psychedelic/Trance style. The firsts releases you can find on digital stores on network, but all the releases are found and downloaded from the official label site.

IPR have some paid releases; IPRBT have free releases.

= Links =

Official Site: http://invertedpentagram.wixsite.com/iprecords
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKo869R0B7-9yKx_69Ct6DQ
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/inverted-pentagram-records/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/invertedpentagramrecords/
Email: invertedpentagramrecords@yahoo.com.br

Jan 14, 2016

[WMBT006] Gameplayer - Aslan

Second track on the style Minimal Room on Wolfs Minimal' Label. Vocals are from movie "Chronicles Of Narnia". Released at 14/01/2016


01. Gameplayer - Aslan

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Jan 11, 2016


Is not exactly a aliase by Juan, but the name he use to write your horror stories. Started with a Tumblr blog in 2014, but soon was used to produce music under the name "Anghustia" in 2016. Have your own personal site where you can find your stories in Portuguese and English versions with all the respective soundtracks. Juan use this name too for write your texts in your facebook page "2 em 1 - Satanismo em Letras", where, together a friend, speak about ocultism and philosophy (all in portuguese language).

Obs. The tumblr blog contain pictures +18 with satanic theme. Warning to access...





2 em 1 - Satanismo em Letras


= Specie: Spirit
= Music Type: Gothic Emotional Music
= Main Genre: New Age, Celtic, Darkwave, Atmospheric Depressive Metal
= Label: None

- About -

Fourth aliase by Juan Velter. Since everything went wrong in his life, he was overcome with anguish and tried to take his own life in a suicidal act. At the last moment he was saved by a mysterious figure who called himself only Obscuridad, and who promised to give a new purpose of life. Accepting, he abandoned his physical form and became just a spiritual energy. He was taught by his master about the various mysteries of the mind and how he could be cured of his various disorders and illnesses, thus learning how to help other people so that they would not end as he had almost finished. It made his life purpose and began to wander the world playing his role as a "spiritual healer." It adopts the "Mesh with Strong Knots" philosophy and has faith that the world can one day be a better place if everyone learns to help each other. He is - like his master - devoid of emotions; With the exception of his eternal anguish always stamped on his face. His line of musical production revolves around the dark and depressive atmosphere, thus producing melancholic, deep and emotional bands with excessive gothic themes. He usually writes horror stories with various life lessons, using the name Storyteller666 for these cases.

Love is like the most powerful weapon in the hands of the most powerful being. It's your weak point while it makes you stronger" – Anghustia

- Links -

·         Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anghustia
·         Bandcamp: https://anghustia.bandcamp.com/

Jan 1, 2016

[WMBT005] Genesis & Gameplayer - The Human Centipede

First track released under the new style created by Gameplayer, Minimal Room, collabing Genesis from South Africa. Vocals are from the own movie "The Human Centipede". Released at 01/01/2016


01. Genesis & Gameplayer. - The Human Centipede

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