Feb 29, 2016

[THN084] Gameplayer - Sacred Ego

Released on Thunder Records at 29/02/2016. Track 01 have a part of a black mass conducted by the own Anton Lavey. Track 02 have a satanic prayer vocal.


01. Gameplayer - Black Mass
02. Gameplayer - The Prayer

Feb 16, 2016

[AntiCast027] DZKYIN - Do Doomcore Ao Speedcore

After enter with style on Speedcore world, was time to make a first set mix of it, and here is the first Speedcore mix by DZKYIN released in Antistatic again. Starting at 120 bpm and finishing at +500. "Recognize" was later released in the "Parallel Cyberworld" Ep on Viral Conspiracy Records. Released at 16/02/2016


Bdacid - Mind Killer
Psy-Cow - Pazuk' Tah
BrainEater - The Growl In The Gloom
NEKROKICK - Cult Suicide
The Xtream Djane - Red Devil
Nano Virus - Industrial Mofo
Cellmac - Nachtmensch
Harry Potar - The Jungle Breed
Haxyl - Enemy Forces VIP
Poltergeist - Steck Den Brandt In Brand
DZKYIN - Star Wars (Dark Side)
Bodylotion - Bingo Bango (Death Shock Bootleg)
Groan-Er - Terror Miliardów Dusz
F. Noize - 5h Solo Intro Mashup
NEKROKICK - Motherfuckin E
Pyrrhon - La Folie
Junkie Kut - Torture Poison
Dissoactive - Gehoorbescherming
DJ Cyco - Opera Of The Killer (Re-Edit 2015)
DZKYIN - Meteor Shower
Dooky - Pumpin Trashtrack
Dr. Spag Hetti - Fuck Fieldfucken
Lord Of Speed & Peptek - Keta Pret (Distorted Maniac's Verkrachtig Proces)
DZKYIN - Recognize (Teaser)

Listen the Mix:

Feb 10, 2016

[DGR-VA001] V.A. - Gabbacore Vol. 1

Vol. 1 of the compilation on Digital Gabba Records. Here you can find the two firsts Hardcore musics by Juan. "Hell Space" was released in 2014 under the alias Gameplayer in the dead "EP From Hell", but released in 2016 under the alias DZKYIN. "God Of War" was released in 2015 under the alias Gameplayer in the dead EP "Games And More Games", but released here under the alias DZKYIN. "God Of War" contain the soundtrack of the own hit game, "God Of War". Released at some point of february 2016


01 PassedSoul - Ajetoo
02 FireStarter - Forces of evil
03 DJ Distorted Senses - Wanna be a gangster
04 DJ Distorted Senses - Talking trips last longer!
05 FireStarter - Agressive Soldier
06 DJ DYLANOo - Game Over (Destroyer edit)
07 DemonicSystem - Narcesist
09 Dissoactive - Wij Willen Drugs Terug
10 Schijndel Terreur - Damn Fuck You Right
11 DZKYIN - God of War
12 SPERMINATOR - het lachen vergaat je wel
13 the brain terrorist - Listen Bitches
15 The Brainterrorist - Vlotchant Style
16 Demonicsystem - break your fucking face (right now speed edit)
17 DZKYIN - Hell Space
18 Vizkore - Boring drugs

Free Download:

Feb 1, 2016

[DS237] Gameplayer - Mortal Kombat

Released originally at 01/02/2016 on Dark Smile Records. All tracks contain samples from the game "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance". Released at


01. Gameplayer - Sub-Zero
02. Gameplayer - Reptile
03. Gameplayer - Scorpion