May 29, 2016

DZKYIN - Hard, Fast & Core

Second EP released in Antistatic label. Track 01 have vocals from "Hannibal Origin", track 02 is a speedcore remix of the music by Eminem and Rihanna "I Love The Way You Lie", and track 03 have vocal samples from "Robocop The Game". Released at 29/05/2016


01. DZKYIN - Serial Killer
02. DZKYIN - I Love The Way You Make Speedcore
03. DZKYIN - The Hunt

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May 16, 2016

[WM037] Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart: The Remixes

For the good meaning of the track, Gameplayer work in a remix contest for ressurge the song. Here is the 5 best remixes with the original track. Released at 16/05/2016

Obs. Buying via Bandcamp, you can take more 5 extra remixes


01. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Original Mix)
02. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Byus Remix)
03. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Theo Z Remix)
04. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Sound Project 21 & DJ Karla Marcolino Remix)
05. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Alberto Costas Remix) 
06. Gameplayer - Wolfs Heart (Rashlow Remix)

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May 15, 2016

[VC150] DZKYIN - Parallel Cyberworld

First EP on Viral Conspiracy Records. Track 02 have the own vocal by Juan dedicated to him ex-boyfriend, and Track 03 is the theme of DZKYIN, with vocals by FL Speench. Released at 15/05/2016


01. DZKYIN - Recognize
02. DZKYIN - Kingcore
03. DZKYIN - My Name Is DZKYIN 

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