Sep 22, 2016

Anghustia - The Swing

First EP by Anghusta with two soundtracks of the story by Storyteller666, The Swing. A new tribute to The Slender Man with a scary, but beauty music. You can take the .txt downloading the full album on bandcamp. Released at 22/09/2016,


01. Anghustia - The Sunset
02. Anghustia - The Arrival

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Sep 21, 2016

[DGR-Podcast056] DZKYIN - Life Is Better With Speed

First podcast by DZKYIN on Digital Gabba Records with only speedcore versions of some Pop/Flashback tracks (of course, with somes by the own DZKYIN). Released at 21/09/2016

Obs. Track by Tony Danza are now unexistent, cause was discovered that it's only plagios from others producers


Deterrent Man - Insomnia Speedcore
DZKYIN - My Oh My Speedcore
Dissoactive - Error
HeadKick - Dle Parov Terror Woord
M1dlet - A Bitch Called Barbie
Diabarha - Criminal
DZKYIN - I Need Some Speedcore
Dr. Spag-Hetti - Just Say Hello
DZKYIN - Listen To Hardcore
The Destroyer - Dissing Speedcore
Tony Danza - Against The Mainstream (Take It Splitter)
Renard - Encore
Diabarha - Serendipity
DZKYIN - HaloCore
Kurwastyle Project - Fucking Animals (Feat. Furere Lycanthrope)
DZKYIN - Talk Me About Hardcore
DZKYIN - I Love The Way You Make Speedcore
Tony Danza - Total Eclipse Of Her Assfix

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Sep 12, 2016

[WM051] V.A. - The Minimalistic Wolfgang

First vol. of the compilation on Wolfs Minimal' Label that reunes some members of the WhatsApp group of the label. You can find here a collab between Gameplayer and MiniMonster. Released at 12/09/2016


01. Deny Martinz & Loudrop - Get Down On The Ground
02. Peviano, Thunnior, Vinicius Ribbas - Yokefellow
03. Minimonster & Gameplayer - MiniGame
04. Mk3packs - Sense Bitch
05. Beavis & Butt Head - Da Hell

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Sep 9, 2016

[ATP009] DZKYIN - The Call

Thirth Dark Ambient release by DZKYIN - and again a new soundtrack for Storyteller666. Tracks 02, 03 and 05 was produced in 2014 and released under the alias Gameplayer in the dead "Horror Story" EP with a track now under the alias Anghustia, Horror Story. But 2 years after it, was re-released here under DZKYIN alias with more 3 tracks did in 2016. You can take the .txt story downloading this full album. Released at 09/09/2016


01. DZKYIN - Home
02. DZKYIN - Off
03. DZKYIN - Unexpected
04. DZKYIN - Inertia
05. DZKYIN - Collapse
06. DZKYIN - End

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Sep 5, 2016

[ATP008] V.A. - Fuck Your Mainstream Ideology!

First compilation on Antropofagia Records with 3 tracks by the owner DZKYIN. Track -1 is a speedcore version of the track "My Oh My" by Aqua. Track 04 have vocal samples in english from Dragon Ball Z anime. Released at 05/09/2016

Obs. The cover is whitted "Mainsteam", but the right is "Mainstream"


01. DZKYIN - My Oh My Speedcore
02. XenoKeneesis - Lost
03. HawkerJaxx - Hell
04. DZKYIN - Its Over 9000!!!
05. XenoKeneesis - Personality Change
06. HeadKick - Dle Parov Terror Woord
07. DZKYIN - Cerebral Dysfunction
08. Low Entropy - Sunset
09. RC (DH000) - GudShit
10. DEATH DRUM - The Ballad Of Anatoly Slivko
11. Werewolf - Game With Death
12. Darkblack XIII - Dark Tunnel
13. pi r^2 - Headfirst (2009 Edit)
14. HawkerJaxx - Mamba
15. Area51 - We Won't Stop This Shit
16. Aeswa - Don't Move
17. Ursula Noogard - Troubleshotting in City Highway (The Understones Night Mix)
18. Aeswa - Self Aware Machine
19. SKRAXX - Allah
20. Life Runs Dark - Machines

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