Sep 22, 2016

Anghustia - The Swing

First EP by Anghusta with two soundtracks of the story by Storyteller666, The Swing. A new tribute to The Slender Man with a scary, but beauty music. You can take the .txt downloading the full album on bandcamp. Released at 22/09/2016,


01. Anghustia - The Sunset
02. Anghustia - The Arrival

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Storyteller666 - The Swing

One day a little girl was the backyard of her house to play. She was an educated girl created with love and care by parents. Was only 9 years old and loved the swing that hung from the tree that she called “my” - “My Tree”.

One day she sat on the swing and started to watch the sunset. A beautiful sight indeed, but here she hears someone call her name. Not blatantly and tall as her mother or father did, but solemn and hushed manner. At first she did not care, thought that was hearing things. In the second call, she looked around and saw nothing. In the third, she looked back and saw a kind of shadow or penumbra high and hidden behind a tree. She looked carefully, but when get closer to identifying what was, fainted.

She woke up next day in a warm and comfortable bed. When asked her parents how had got there, they said they saw sleeping at the feet of her tree and brought she to home. She said about the dark figure that was found in the backyard, but her parents said it was just a dream. And she for doubting what saw, also believed to have been, by the way, never the shadow reappeared.

Twenty years later, the little girl was already a woman. Graduated in law, earning well at work, she was good at her job, living the life always dreamed of. One day receives the sad news that her parents died and left the house as an inheritance. The parents were very old by the 70’s age, but though this way, the news surprised her so much that she wanted to go immediately to the house and arrange the details of the funeral.

Upon arriving at the house, a melancholy air wrapped. The last time she was there was years ago, and in times of happiness. Left the parental home to graduate in city and do not see them since then, except for a exchange of phone calls. She regretted deeply not having made company parents longer. The house now caused her sadness at the memory, but since the day she saw the shadow in your backyard, lived in fear even convinced it was just a dream.

By solving a recent arrangements with the funeral home, she decided to spend the night in the old house - not only by their parents to have bequeathed, but also to remember some of the good times. She was the yard where used to play. Her swing was still there in the same way it was when her left, only affected by some mosses and time itself. Her tree was slightly larger, but still the swing remained firm in it.

And again, was the young woman watching the sunset sitting sun on your old swing when something happens very familiar. A call - the same call - she had heard in the same place 20 years ago. She froze. Fear took her whole body until the last hair. In the second call she began to cry silently and wheezing. In the third, she looked back and saw again that frightening shadow staring eyeless. She just could not stop looking at it; she was mesmerized. Just cried and panted. Again the shadow call her and she begins to walk toward it.

After that day, the young woman was never seen again. Rumors that she disappeared around the world, while others claim that she was abducted. We will never know in the end what happened, but know that if you listen a shadow calling our name, believe me, it is not a dream.


Soundtrack did by Anghustia:

Sep 21, 2016

[DGR-Podcast056] DZKYIN - Life Is Better With Speed

First podcast by DZKYIN on Digital Gabba Records with only speedcore versions of some Pop/Flashback tracks (of course, with somes by the own DZKYIN). Released at 21/09/2016

Obs. Track by Tony Danza are now unexistent, cause was discovered that it's only plagios from others producers


Deterrent Man - Insomnia Speedcore
DZKYIN - My Oh My Speedcore
Dissoactive - Error
HeadKick - Dle Parov Terror Woord
M1dlet - A Bitch Called Barbie
Diabarha - Criminal
DZKYIN - I Need Some Speedcore
Dr. Spag-Hetti - Just Say Hello
DZKYIN - Listen To Hardcore
The Destroyer - Dissing Speedcore
Tony Danza - Against The Mainstream (Take It Splitter)
Renard - Encore
Diabarha - Serendipity
DZKYIN - HaloCore
Kurwastyle Project - Fucking Animals (Feat. Furere Lycanthrope)
DZKYIN - Talk Me About Hardcore
DZKYIN - I Love The Way You Make Speedcore
Tony Danza - Total Eclipse Of Her Assfix

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Sep 12, 2016

[WM051] V.A. - The Minimalistic Wolfgang

First vol. of the compilation on Wolfs Minimal' Label that reunes some members of the WhatsApp group of the label. You can find here a collab between Gameplayer and MiniMonster. Released at 12/09/2016


01. Deny Martinz & Loudrop - Get Down On The Ground
02. Peviano, Thunnior, Vinicius Ribbas - Yokefellow
03. Minimonster & Gameplayer - MiniGame
04. Mk3packs - Sense Bitch
05. Beavis & Butt Head - Da Hell

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Sep 9, 2016

[ATP009] DZKYIN - The Call

Thirth Dark Ambient release by DZKYIN - and again a new soundtrack for Storyteller666. Tracks 02, 03 and 05 was produced in 2014 and released under the alias Gameplayer in the dead "Horror Story" EP with a track now under the alias Anghustia, Horror Story. But 2 years after it, was re-released here under DZKYIN alias with more 3 tracks did in 2016 on Antropofagia Records. You can take the .txt story downloading this full album. Released at 09/09/2016


01. DZKYIN - Home
02. DZKYIN - Off
03. DZKYIN - Unexpected
04. DZKYIN - Inertia
05. DZKYIN - Collapse
06. DZKYIN - End

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Storyteller666 - The Call

= Part 1: A Those’s Day =

Clearly the day was not the best. Several bills to pay, a daughter not seen for days, an ex-wife who charged pension, an unhappy boss, a friend traitor and a God who was not even there. The Corb day definitely was not going as well as he wanted. The relief to get home took so crossed the front door, but could he really relax with life a mess as it was? Apparently even he thought otherwise. He threw the bag on the chair, went to the kitchen and put in the microwave a frozen lasagna that was in the refrigerator. Set the exact time and put the couch to turn on the TV and have a little more disgust of life itself. Does all the madness he passing was his own fault? Maybe if he had not married the wrong woman, borned her daughter at the wrong time and have a wrong job, it could be that none of this was happening. As much as he loved his daughter more than anyone in the world - even himself - he always questioned whether or not her absence would make his life better. A thought that he repressed with constant shame, knowing that only a soulless think such nonsense - something he was little to becoming, and to complete, the same quiet programming ever.

He was changing channels with the push button in the increasingly fast control. It seemed that he was discounting all the rage of the day - and of his life - in that innocent button, pressing faster every time he saw a useless program until what he think that could not get worse, worse. All the signal seemed to have gone into space and everything he saw in the unit were only noises and constant drizzle. He fumed at once and turned off the TV and surprizely - almost like at the same time he had turned off the TV - your phone call giving a huge scare. With all that had happened that day, he swore to himself that if was the collector, he will hang up the phone, set fire to the house and go out aimlessly in the world. But to his surprise, it turned out to be something much more unusual and bizarre than he thought it could be.

= Part 2: Call =

- Hello? - And the man taking the handset and putting in one of his ears;

- Hello, young man! - A voice like a little girl on the other side of the line answered. Wait, but why a little girl - that the voice seemed to have no more than six years old - would be calling his house so late at night? He thought to be his daughter perhaps linking hidden from her mother just to tell her father that she loved him and then he would say “I love you too, my princess” and the whole meaning of his life back, but the girl never called the father of “Young Man”. Something very strange was it;

- Who is it? - Asked the “Young man” curious;

- Someone who really wants to meet you - Answered the little girl voice almost a whisper. The voice sounds very much like his daughter, and this was making him very nervous;

- Who the hell is talking? Better to say or I’ll lose it right now! - Said crudely, the young man, who was now more nervous than before;

- Do it and you’ll be dead by dawn! Who do you think I am? Any? Not! Tonight I will make you a little visit, wait for me - Said the girl whispers across the line. At that moment a big yellow rose on the back of Corb and he opened his eyes and began to sweat. A great shiver ran down his spine and all he could say was:

- For God, who are you? - And at that moment, instead of responding girl, a great torrent of strong sound waves left the phone and pierced the man’s eardrums. He was mesmerized by the sound, it was something bizarre that he had never before heard. A noise as if from hell itself. At least glimpse of sobriety he exhaled, hit the receiver off once the connection. Now he was not nervous, but more freaked out than ever. Never could forgive himself for having desired that was not the collector.

= Part 3: Hello, young man! =

The wind ran through the house with a cold breeze. The room temperature should not be more than 21 degrees (C°) with a wind chill of 18 at least, but Corb was sweating warmly while away from the phone with the face exuding sheer panic and stare at the object. He knocked on the couch with his buttocks to see when - for another shock - the TV turned on as magic again with the same noises in both image and sound. The man took hold fastly the remote control and switched off at once, pulling the plug to ensure that would not happen more. At this time noticed a strange unusual noise in the house - that for their non-surprise, even more scared. The sound he already had heard before, he just did not know why he wrapped the little house at the time, at that time. Your kitchen sink seemed to be open gushing a little water in the dish that for days had not been washed. The noise of the liquid falling on an old cup caused a noise dark, thing in common occasion would be treated as something at least annoying. He stared at the sink that was just a hallway from the living room and was cautiously walking to close it, but before he could go half way, the wind blew harder, and this time took up glasses they had the windows.

As a large coral horror, each glass window in the house began to burst out inside spreading broken glass all over the floor and toward man. Corb was covering his ears and protect your head as the dreadful sound of windows breaking accompanied a sharp sound that seemed drilling his brain like a drill. He fell to knees on the living room floor while shouting reinforcing the macabre orchestra, feeling his brain almost explode the sinister noise was becoming louder. His ears were already bleeding and throat was getting hoarse by force that he did to scream, when a sound in particular drew attention, and he knew him well … Your microwave was warning that dinner was ready. The “Biiip” seemed to make all that torture stop, and when he looked around, there was a piece of glasses on the floor and even his ears were intact. He looked confused around wondering what just happened and what the reason for the microwave taking so long to prepare your food. He was now not only confused, but with a much greater fear than before. It does the fact that happen? Does he received the strange call? Was he going crazy? He had not even gotten up, when feel a cold and fresh breath on her neck followed by a thin, smooth, whispered voice speaking:
- Hello, young man!


Soundtrack did by DZKYIN:

Sep 5, 2016

[ATP008] V.A. - Fuck Your Mainstream Ideology!

First compilation on Antropofagia Records with 3 tracks by the owner DZKYIN. Track 1 is a speedcore version of the track "My Oh My" by Aqua. Track 04 have vocal samples in english from Dragon Ball Z anime. Track 07 you will not find re-release in anyplace more. Released at 05/09/2016

Obs. The cover is writted "Mainsteam", but the right is "Mainstream"


01. DZKYIN - My Oh My Speedcore
02. XenoKeneesis - Lost
03. HawkerJaxx - Hell
04. DZKYIN - Its Over 9000!!!
05. XenoKeneesis - Personality Change
06. HeadKick - Dle Parov Terror Woord
07. DZKYIN - Cerebral Dysfunction
08. Low Entropy - Sunset
09. RC (DH000) - GudShit
10. DEATH DRUM - The Ballad Of Anatoly Slivko
11. Werewolf - Game With Death
12. Darkblack XIII - Dark Tunnel
13. pi r^2 - Headfirst (2009 Edit)
14. HawkerJaxx - Mamba
15. Area51 - We Won't Stop This Shit
16. Aeswa - Don't Move
17. Ursula Noogard - Troubleshotting in City Highway (The Understones Night Mix)
18. Aeswa - Self Aware Machine
19. SKRAXX - Allah
20. Life Runs Dark - Machines

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Sep 1, 2016

Storyteller666 - The Infernal Journey


“Are you sure you wish to enter hell? Want you to know each of the infernal circles and know the truth hidden in each of them? Well, I’ll be your guide …
In hell learn secrets not revealed to all mankind; You learn to have real power; learn what is the power; learn who I am - and better - learn who you are.
Read the phrase written in hellish portal:

‘Abandon hope ya who enter’

Take this warning as a starting point for your journey. Soon discover that when you cross the gates of hell, there is no return, there is no hope. “Hope is the last to die” with reason; hope is the last thing you can do in a moment of life and death, but the Satanist does not wait, does happen; wait is not exactly what both ennobles. I will not accept one being here in this crew still has in his soul a drop of hope, here there is no place for it.

Keep all hands and feet inside the transport and will to the deepest hell rings.
Do you want an adventure? I can give you, however’re aware that there is no return. Will you follow me?“

02. START:
“You chose to follow me, right? So we will begin our journey. First I explaine you where we are about to enter, hell.

What is hell? So many humans - mere mortals - tried to describe the well-known Hell, but many never realized that to understand what the hell, it first needs to stop looking understand it. Hell is full of demons - most horrendous aspects of human characteristics - and they also like to play; They hate who devalues ??and who demand to want everything for granted. Demons do not like to be tested, they have a strong ego then when we enter hell, respect them; we are entering their domain.
The place where we are about to enter is full of horror, fear and dangers; this is where you will find all or nothing about himself; It is where you need courage and determination to continue the journey; It is where you can look more freely into each other … Show weakness and the demons will make you suffer; demonstrate courage and earn their respect. It’s time to face the fear, the horror turn into a blessing and dangers in challenges.

And here we are crossing the hellish gates. You want to continue the journey?? There is still time to give up … yet !!”

03. CERBERUS - The Hell Guardian:

“Oh, who’s that?? Oh, is he the sweetest little animal and cruel of all; Cerberus!

Welcome to hell, blessed souls (or not)! This is our friend friendly Cerberus, the infernal watchdog. Can pass your hands on your head and make a caring, he does not bite … He will guide us to the first infernal circle security, calm down everyone. Cerberus is a lovely dog, but he does not like to regret ; did you remember I told that there was still time to give up the adventure? Well, now there is no time. Cerberus is sweet, but dare to leave hell without my permission and then it will hit a little chat with you.

We are the way of the first infernal room, fasten your seat belts and get ready; the journey is just beginning …”


“Hell gives you welcome, ladies and gentlemen!! Here we are in the first vicious circle, where the dangers start. Here is all or nothing; the truth or illusion. Fasten your seat belts and embark into the hell …

This is a place blessed (or cursed - depending on your point of view), for here is the beginning of a long way. In this place are the souls who were willing to doubt, but did not have time - or the means - to advance to the next level. Others dropped out, dared to come back and had a short conversation with our friend Cerberus. Here demons will make you give up, they will beg to leave this place as soon as possible; but who have strong spirit knows that to get your prize you have to face the challenges. Remember the warning I gave you before; "Facing his fears; turn horror into a blessing and dangers challenges ”, such notice will be of great importance for those who are here and return to repeat as often as needed.

Much respect the souls that lie here, as though they did not reach their goals, they tried. “Winning is not everything, but try is”… Many here were philosophers, scientists, artists, who were corrupted by the system of his time and dared to question the ideals which they were imposed. Here lie warriors, rebels and doubtful; those who have not discovered the truth, but they did their best to find out.
Some of you may give up, but know that I have told you it was too late; then stare the consequences of his weakness (or Cerberus, is the same in this case). Now navigate to the next stage.

Stay awake, because when it passes by the first vicious circle there is no time to sleep. Enjoy as this is just the beginning…“


"Here we are again, the underworld souls; Here we are giving continuation to our hellish journey. Now we are entering the second infernal circle; a place full of temptations and very, very happy - only notice to take precaution with the tempting demons.

Here lie all those souls who have lived life of luxury, an adventurous life, a life of adrenaline; a pleasure life. Everyone here did not care about others’ opinions, just living their lives according to their wishes; these people lived every day as if it were the last, lived like there was no tomorrow; they lived. Pleasures that they could enjoy the earthly life, they did.

The demons that live here will try to make you company - after all, who does not like a life filled with the most unimaginable pleasures?? But we must continue, many souls here blindly sought pleasure and so could not advance to the next level infernal. Pleasure is tempting, but better give up a moment in order to have a life of long and lasting pleasures.

This is a challenging way, for as I have told you, is full of temptations. Now or stay or progress; there is no way back. You’ll continue the journey or you will be at the mercy of temptation??”


“Good souls from hell, here we come to the third infernal circle; the end of temptation and early awareness. Here we do not take advantage of opportunities, we creates them.

In the previous vicious circle you knew the wonders of the world, the pleasures of life and how to enjoy every opportunity you have to live it. Well, now you do not take advantage of moments, you will create; make your life the joy of living. Here lie all the souls who lived life with consciousness, which knew when relinquish a pleasure to have several in the future; Here lie those who were aware that certain times to win you need to lose.

Here temptations end, you should know when to give in to them and when not to give; life becomes your reason to live. Who here lies not learned to live every minute as the last, but turning every minute in hours, days or even years; every minute of your life account, do not waste. Build your future, but do not forget to take time to live it.

And here we spend more per maisum infernal circle, now get ready; the real challenges lie ahead.”


“And we continue our journey, good blessed souls. Now we enter the fourth vicious circle, the land of avarice and greed. I present to you one of the guardians of the land, Mamon. Do not be afraid, he will not harm you - so long as you are not unable to continue the journey, why not … I do not guarantee you security.

In the third circle you learned to create moments of pleasure, enjoying every drop of such, for here is the place to create increasingly pleasant moments and always want more and more. Use and abuse of that which gives you bliss, be it money, sex, adrenaline and all that you be pleasurable. Do not settle; after creating the opportunity, take it; not sufficient, create another, and another, and another, until it finally reaches the experience required to advance to the next level.

But I warn you of one thing: this is the land of non-accommodation, but it is also the land of non-exaggeration. Exaggeration may be able to extinguish the pleasure, make a desperate quest to get it again and generate addiction, which is nothing constructive for the soul. Abuse of pleasures, do not be ashamed or afraid to feel, but stay alert if you are creating them or they are creating you. Remember, Mammon is very naughty, so deal with him or he deals with you; creator dominates creature.

After learning to question, to seize opportunities, create them and then continue creating - always keeping in mind not to sin with the exaggeration, you will enter the next circle, where the fire will burn more. Many will want to have never started the journey, but the true son of fire will continue and face the challenges ahead. Enjoy while you still can…”


“Hello again, blessed souls. Now we enter the fifth vicious circle, where the currents, superstitions and dogmas are broken. This is a place where you will find ferocious demons, but lift the chest, take a deep breath and join me on this journey … if you can.

Some say that this is one of the hottest hellish stages, as well as being somewhat challenging it is also quite tester. What I mean by this? Not everyone will pass through this stage … Not everyone will be strong enough to burn the dogmas, smash the chains and be free; not everyone will be strong enough warriors to face the system that want us to sheep; not everyone will be able to be wolves. The demons will make you give up, want to return and run out of this dark place, but those who are really fire forged remain at my side and follow the journey ahead.

Here lie the souls of true sons of Satan, those who broke the paradigms imposed and created their own; those who recognized the weakness of compassion and the imbecility of altruism; those who decided not to follow paths, but trace them; those who wrote their own destiny and those who really were. Here’s the tip expensive companions: be yourself. Live according, independent the limits impose you; be who you always been, who you always will be, but do not forget the self-preservation; any act that is useless or you bring losses is recommended to avoid. Love yourself, preserve yourself, take care of you …

Things are starting to heat up as we enter hell to rise temperature, the heat will be more intense and will continue to rise and rise higher and higher … I’ll give you a chance to escape now. So? Shall break or you will be and you will continue the journey? It’s your choice…”


“Hello again good blessed souls. How long, do not you think? I gave this a long time for you to prepare properly because where we go now - the Sixth Circle Infernal - is a place of no return. I once again give you the opportunity to leave this place and quietly live your life with everything you’ve learned so far, because who continue the journey with me just find a door: a continuation. Go out? Will continue? So fasten your seat belts and let us go.

This is a very hostile place; I not assure you what will or will not happen to you here, as this will only depend on yourself. Now that you know take advantage of the opportunities, create them and not settle, it’s time to face the tornado eye and let the flames work in you. Here all its values, truth, ethics and morals will be burned; you will suffer noting that everything that thought know is being consumed by the hell flames. Here you will discover that nothing is what you think and everything will be like you never thought. Here there is only place for the truth.

You will suffer, be in agony, go mad and beg for the fire to clear, but he will not quench; They will be terrified to see their shattered illusions, see that everything you knew your whole life is a lie! Be aware of your choices; I will warn you that the doors back would be closed forever from here. Feel the flame burn, feel the destruction of false hope, feel the power of truth and fulminant pain it causes. If you are one of predestined sons of fire, then this will be a slight step for you. Sit on the next car and wait for my arrival with the successful souls at this stage; you are ready for the next round. Here higher pain, better …

The sixth infernal circle is regarded as one of the most painful, and I will warn you that going forward the fire just burn more and the pain will only increase. No return, chose to accompany me because you will follow to the end. Enjoy the pain, learn from it and so they are ready we will continue our journey.”


“Hello my souls! How have you been? Have you well taken the pain? Those who passed the sixth round here and accompany me knew the power of fire. Now have you learned that nothing is what they thought? Was it all a big lie? Was it all illusions and was it all unnecessary and useless to you? Congratulations! You have learned nothing …

The seventh circle is a place for sinners - to blamers - not for innocent or those stupid who think that being a sinner is just being a counter-about everything. Not my dear … Sin is sweet, but not everyone will recognize its sweetness - especially those who have no pleasure in practice it. Yes my friends! The seventh infernal circle is the place for those who just came off of dogmas and found the lies they told you in life, but also knew how to use them to your advantage. Here everything is allowed, even abuse of hypocrisy …

Here it is also where your pride burn. You will not feel bad about using the lie to circumvent situations; do not be ashamed to have to follow orders for a "greater good”; will not hit in the chest and say “I am free”, but abdicate freedom if that help you conquer your goal. Here in this circle, strength and intelligence go hand in hand. Anyone who does not think, not an architect and plans is not lost and will be forever consumed by its own flames. Here there are no tame animals, only beasts who will use when convenient strength and subtlety when necessary.

Are you comfortable? For this last bit. The next stage is next and I do not think all of you here will be able to survive it. The fire is burning, and with him you also burn without being be consumed by it. Consume the flames; do not let them consume you. Our journey is closer to the end, and with it will come the beginning of a new adventure. Enjoy it while you can.“


"Hello my souls! How have you been? Taking advantage of the trip? We are now into the eighth infernal circle - the penultimate room and the home of swindlers. Your innocence died on the seventh circle, now it’s time to exercise your new skills.

First let me clarify something: here or you are the victim or the hunter; or you fool, or being deceived. Doubt even your best friends, your loved ones and the people closest to you; all here are accused, you must be the judge. In the eighth circle, you feel the flames burning regret having started the journey and see what has become is far from who one day you went. The time of counting sheep is over, now is the time to milk them.

Do not bend on compassion, pity and mercy; use people as they use you, use them before you to be used and drop before you to be overthrown. Resist that fire step is to put the whole journey to lose. Let the fire of greed, avarice, lust and gluttony burn, but remember to be your handler. Cunning unintelligent is foolish; here only the smartest will survive and useless fall.

We are now reaching the summit of the journey; the long-awaited moment for all those who chose to follow me. Soon we move on to the last room and you will find what they seek in this journey. Enjoy - while still can.”

12. THE NINTH CIRCLE - The Final Decision:

“Congratulations my beauty souls! Those who are here beside me are chosen for the new satanic era; those who really were strong enough to survive all previous hellish circles and the flames of change. Here are the true sons of Satan. But before we finish the journey, you will have a final challenge to meet …

Since the beginning of our journey I warned that the challenges would not be few and would not be easy. I told you discover who you really are and who I really am. I am only a ferryman; I just went your guide; a guy who has been through all that you have just passed and now trail the path leading you. There are still many lost souls out there who need my help to find and orient themselves. That’s my duty to my father - our father. What you experienced here was not in vain. Those who resolve to stop will have their cozy places in the ninth infernal circle, but those who face the final challenge are on their own. I just guide the souls that are here, I am not a guard and not a master teacher. As he passed the ultimate challenge you will not be just a lost soul, you will be a new Caronte, my future replacement, a new master. As they passed the challenge you may become the god that are and finally discover who really are. Everyone will see the brothers we are. Now the decision is in your hands …

A big hole in your soul opens, and it is the end away. You should jump in with all the faith you have. Dive into the depths of your mind, your spirit; feel the heat of the fire to become the cold wind that blows from the depths of the soul; feel the fall to its own abyss. Face your fears, face the dark and find the way to the light. Lucifer you will be waiting and he will follow forever those who come out here. Hell is not a place of suffering, it is just the place where you will guide the new souls as well as I ever did; or if you prefer to spend more time in the ninth round before the final decision, because when making it is final, and I’m not able to say what will happen when the end of the abyss reach. But if you’re determined and will really jump, JUMP! Win the shadow making her sister and so you could finally be one of the Infernal Warriors, Satan’s army on earth!”

- [Storyteller666]

Soundtrack did by DZKYIN: