Sep 16, 2015


= Specie: Unknown
= Music Type: Mental Dark Music
= Main genres: Psychedelic, Trance
= Label: Inverted Pentagram Records

- About -

The second aliase by Juan Velter. Also called "The shadow of the mind". He manifested a need to act directly in the physical world, and could not only continue in the spiritual or mental realm. Shortly after manifesting himself in the physical environment, he encountered a man about to take his own life. He saved him, and gave him a new reason to live, naming him thus Anghustia; The one who was once taken by it. It adopts the philosophy of "There is no Good and Evil; Good or bad; Only Useful and Useless "and shows to be devoid of emotions, without expressing joy, anger, fear or love. His line of musical production adds many demonic and dark values, in a highly obscure theme with elements of adrenaline and euphoria, as if dwelling in darkness were the reason for his true happiness. Although he does not have a sexual life or preference, he usually encourages sex in such a way that he has already promoted orgies in several of his shows - although he has not participated directly in them - because he believes that the being should feel what nature provides. It produces transcendental songs (Trance) and psychedelic (Psy) with a synth melodic touch. His specialties are Full On, Psy Trance and the Dark Forest, so often acting in night raves and Gothic ballads.