Mar 30, 2016

[IPR004] Obscuridad - Maquinista

Second release by Obscuridad on Inverted Pentagram Records. Vocals are from a notice about machinism - all in portuguese language. Released at 30/03/2016


01. Obscuridad - Maquinista

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Mar 19, 2016

DZKYIN - Dead Space (Feat. N0IZ3)

First UK Hardcore did at some point of 2015, but just released at 2016 in the dead label Feeling Sound Records. Only the midi melody was given by N0IZ3, and the atmosphere songs are from the soundtrack game, "Dead Space". Released at some point of March 2016


01. DZKYIN - Dead Space (Feat. N0IZ3)

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Free Download the Song:!EIk3gZZL!zlG-25Ud7JVKvhc1aZjN-g

Mar 18, 2016

[WMBT008] DZKYIN - Ultron (Feat. Sound Project 21)

First release by DZKYIN on Wolfs Minimal' Label. Vocals are from "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" and the MIDI to make the melody was did by Sound Project 21. Released at 18/03/2016


01. DZKYIN - Ultron (Feat. Sound Project 21)

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Gameplayer - Lado Br Da Força

Officially released on Flat Belly White Recordings at 18/03/2016, but remastered and released again at 30/06/2017.


01. Gameplayer - Exu Caveirinha (Remastered)
02. Gameplayer - Santana (Remastered)
03. Gameplayer - Aracnofobia (Remastered)

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