Mar 22, 2013


= Real Name: Juan Velter
= Espécie: Human
= Music Type: Minimalistic Bass Music
= Main Genre: Minimal, Brutal Bass, Techno, Trap
= Label: Wolfs Minimal’ Label
- About -

The first aliase by Juan Velter. Young boy extrovert, friendly and fun. He left early his old life to enter the musical career. He achieved prominence by producing well and in style his tracks, and soon became a prominent name in the scene of his country. Adopts the "Make Tomorrow a Better Day Than Today" philosophy and is not afraid to show who really are. His only insecurity is that he is shy and shameful in talking to males - both the species itself and the anthropomorphs - for it he what we call the "Old Fashion Lover", fearing a hurt in any relationship. He has a preference for dog species though he is human, and maintains what we call "Colored Friendship" with his best friend Dantalion - who on the other hand encourages him to find a definite partner.

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