Sep 9, 2016

[ATP009] DZKYIN - The Call

Thirth Dark Ambient release by DZKYIN - and again a new soundtrack for Storyteller666. Tracks 02, 03 and 05 was produced in 2014 and released under the alias Gameplayer in the dead "Horror Story" EP with a track now under the alias Anghustia, Horror Story. But 2 years after it, was re-released here under DZKYIN alias with more 3 tracks did in 2016 on Antropofagia Records. You can take the .txt story downloading this full album. Released at 09/09/2016


01. DZKYIN - Home
02. DZKYIN - Off
03. DZKYIN - Unexpected
04. DZKYIN - Inertia
05. DZKYIN - Collapse
06. DZKYIN - End

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