Oct 26, 2016


= Specie: Anthropomorphic
= Music Type: Body Music
= Main genres: Drum & Bass, Breaks, Reggaeton, IDM
= Label: Music Machine Records (http://musicmachinerecords.bandcamp.com/)

- About -

Fifth aliase by Juan Velter. A young wolf who from an early age knew of his passion for music and the male genus of animal species. He used to live in ballads and parties sleeping with several and several males, when one of his exits met a young lion that touched his heart in a way that no other had done. At dawn on the day when they slept together, his beloved was no longer in bed with him, crying for days hoping that perhaps in one of them, the one who stole his heart one day will come back - and still waits until the present day. He was the first "patient" of Anghustia, the "doctor of souls", where - along with his master Obscuridad - showed him how to overcome his pain, how not to suffer and how to solve his emotional problems. It adopts the philosophy of "Life must be consumed before the expiration date", so even with the pain of his beloved has not yet returned, he never stopped going out with several other boys in the hope that some of them fill his void, so What we call the "Sexual Pervert." He loves extreme sports, where his favorite is Skate. He is constantly on the street dance floor or on the extreme tracks with his euphoric and adrenaline-filled sound. Even though he does not have much attraction for humans, he maintains a kind of "Colored Friendship" with Gameplayer; Being also a great friend of DZKYIN. His musical style is usually focused on an energy made to dance in the most radical and relaxed way possible. He likes rocking, speed and a lot of rock n 'roll, like the styles of Drum & Bass, Reggaeton, IDM and Breaks.

Artwork by Maryanne

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