Dec 24, 2016


= Specie: Archangel
= Musical Type: Soundtrash
= Main Genre: Noisecore, Shitcore, Harsh Noise
= Label: Obstinacy

- About -
The sixth aliase by Juan Velter. He was expelled from the community of angels for his highly rebellious, arrogant and self-centered personality. He has always been judged by his peers to have black and not white wings as such, so his highly anarchist spirit was awakened. He does not accept orders from anyone and does not accept that they contradict his claims - even if they are totally ignorant. It adopts the philosophy of "I may have no control over me, but I will fight to the end against those who try to control me" and does not use sexual labels - thus liking males or females of any kind whatsoever - but has made the final decision to not to relate with no one else, for they would not be able to understand his perspective of vision (not to mention that no one ever endured his coarse manner of being). He has deep hatred of any emotion attached to love, compassion or sadness, but he is empathetic and has a sense of reciprocity. He has DZKYIN as his best friend and companion, because it was the one who came closer to understand his points of view (not to mention that he is the only one who really enjoys the sound he makes). He is terrified (and even disgusted) with melodic and emotional sounds, thus preferring the noisiest, uncomfortable, noisy type; Thus producing what we call Noisecore, or "extreme noise", which leads him to be judged, offended and even discriminated against, because it is a style that many would not dare call Music ... However all he does is lift the Middle finger and say the traditional "Fuck You" in its arrogant form of being.

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