May 22, 2017

Anghustia - Roses

A very special release dedicated to the thirth mouth of dating between Juan and his boyfriend. Cover is a photo of the roses Juan was won from the boyfriend on the second mouth. Downloading the full Ep, you can take two more bonus tracks. Have too a edit version of the single "Sweet Sin" and a Speedcore remix by DZKYIN af the theme "Roses". Released at 22/05/2017


01. Anghustia - Roses
02. Anghustia - Fear No Thorns
03. Anghustia - Roses (DZKYIN Remix)
04. Anghustia - Sweet Sin (Edit)
05. Anghustia - Roses (Piano Version) (Bonus Track)
06. Anghustia - Fear No Thorns (Chiptune Version) (Bonus Track)

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