Sep 7, 2017

[ATP024] DZKYIN / Hardkore / C.R.O.W. - Speedbreak Brasil Vol. 1

A special split between DZKYIN, Hardkore and C.R.O.W. released on Antropofagia Records and Music Machine Records. Hardkore and C.R.O.W. are aliases by Mary, owner of Music Machine Records and creator of the "Overdrive Project". Tracks 09 and 10 was releaseds before on Extratone Rec. compilation Extratone Sample Vol. 5: World Disease. Track 05 was before released on Na Cara e Coragem compilation É A P* Do Brasil.

Track 01, 05 and 07 are remixes of musics by the brazilian singer Xuxa. Track 02 is a remix of the music "A Foda Tá Liberada", by Valeska Popuzuda. Tracks 03 and 06 are Speedcore versions of the brazilian anthem. Track 04 is a remix of the music Conexão Amazônica by Legião Urbana. Track 08 is a remix of the music "Metralhadora" by Banda Vingadora. Track 09 contain vocals and samples by the orchestra Cabelo de Fogo. Released at 07/09/2017


01. Hardkore - Vamos Brincar Na Porra Do Bosque Enquanto os Au Au Do Inferno Não Vem Nessa Merda! (Beta)
02. DZKYIN - País Da Foda
03. C.R.O.W. vs. Hardkore - Aqui É Brasil POHA!!! HUEHUEHUEBRBRBR
04. DZKYIN - Conexão Amazônica
05. C.R.O.W. - Feliz Pra Burro
06. DZKYIN - Speedcore Feito Na Porra Do Brazil!!!
07. Hardkore & C.R.O.W. - Vem Com A Gente Dançar! (AAAAAA) (Stupid Speedbreak Remix)
08. DZKYIN - Metralhadora
09. DZKYIN - Frevo's Extratone
10. C.R.O.W. - Bem te vi voou voou Paranaue Parana!!!

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