Nov 8, 2017

[ATPodcast003] Dantalion - A Wolf On The Pick-Ups

First mix by Dantalion, on Antropofagia Records podcast. He's not a DJ, but this time the Velters let him works on pick-ups, and this is the result. Released at 08/11/2017


The Understones - Galaxy Circuit ~ It Doesn't Matter
Darrell Farnsworth - The Sorcerers Dream
Dantalion - Daylight
Gentek - Slender Man (Drum & Bass Mix)
Dantalion - Escape
Jackal Queenston vs. Emoticon - You're Already Dead
The Queenstons - What You Do
Furries In A Blender - Love Me
Jackal Queenston - Drunk Dragon
Dantalion - Sk8r
Furries In A Blender - I'm Alive 2012
Dantalion - Stars
Furries In A Blender - I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly (Wikked Remix)
Jackal Queenston - Cackling Fiend

Free Download/Listen the Mix:

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