Dec 31, 2017

V.A. - The Underground Art Of Black Metal

To close with golden key the year of 2017, here is another compilation on Kitsch Magik tributing the old Black Metal times. DZKYIN gave you a fantastic noise-guittar solo, so happy 2018 for us all! Released at 31/12/2017


01. In the Midst of Wolves - Reaper (Bathory)
02. I Was Killer's or Killer & Harsh Noise Movement - Black Noise Death Machine
03. DZKYIN - Eu Realmente Não Sei Como Titular Esse Som, Então... BLACK METAL NOISE!!!
04. Barnyard Sacrifice - Baptized In Blood (Death)
05. Little Death - The Third Of The Storms, Evoked Damnation (Hellhammer cover)
06. Indead - Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)
07. I,Eternal - Metal noir
08. Vomit Fruit - Night of terror

+ bonus track

09. Coven Of The Worm - Intro-Schatten

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