Mar 29, 2018

[WS018] Aidan Vince (Warm Up King Festival 2018 Contest)

Now is the time Aidan Vince to join Wolfs Season', but WTF is this picture? And WTH is Warm Up King Festival? King Festival is the biggest E-Music Festival originary from Brazil, and the Warm Up is a "pre-party" kind where local DJs will play. But to select the DJs, King Festival open a set mix contest, so Wolfs Minimal' is suporting Aidan Vince on this with the WS018 posted on the own soundcloud. After the Warm Up have your final, the picture on mix will be changed. For this reason, its the first WS on label that wasn't posted on the first day of the mouth. Released at 29/03/2018


Mindscape - Stormind
Gabriel Alonso - Unknown
Aidan Vince - Drunk N' Mad
Wemko - Brain Killer
Sound Project 21 - Stead
Smoker - Paura
P Kodo - Bad Night
Bob Ray - Era
Zealous Technician - Invictus
Giovanni Zannin - State Of Upoar
Aidan Vince - Forgotten
THC Chameleons - They Are Lying To You
Hypp Fractal - Forever
Java - Feel The Light

Listen the Mix:

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