Nov 15, 2016

[IPRBT009] Anghustia, Obscuridad, Dantalion - The Man In The Black Suit

A couple of tracks did like a tribute to Juan's favorite creature, The Slender Man. It was released in 2014 under the alias Gameplayer, after re-released under the alias Obscuridad in 2015, and finally released under the three aliases Anghustia, Obscuridad and Dantalion on a special split. "Black Suit (Part 2)" was the first Psy Trance style did by Juan, and the vocals are from the speech synthetizer from FL Studio."Black Suit (Part 1)" is a short and slow version of it, with a more worked melody.

Track 01 contain the vocals from "Marble Hornets #02" Youtube video. Is too the only track on this EP did in 2015. Released officialy and remastered at 15/11/2016


01. Obscuridad - Marble Hornets
02. Anghustia - Victym
03. Obscuridad & Dantalion - Forest
04. Anghustia - Black Suit (Part 1)
05. Anghustia vs Obscuridad - Black Suit (Part 2)
06. Dantalion - Escape

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