Nov 12, 2016

[MM003] V.A. - The Power Of Music

A special compilation with all the main members of Music Machine Records. In this release, you will find 8 aliases by Mary and 2 by Juan, and is the theme of each one in the label. "Cyberbird" was first released like a single on the own MM Records, but was re-released on this compilation. "Daylight" was released under the alias Gameplayer on Safira Records in 2015, but re-released here under the alias Dantalion. Released at 12/11/2016


01. Ursula Noogard - Aurora Rave
02. ASIO - Red Galaxy
03. C.R.O.W. - Krash Noets ~ This is a Serious Shit...
04. OldRaver - Welcome to the Club NOW!!!
05. Shin3 - Overcoming the Past ~ I'f You Could SHIN3
06. RF - The Reckless Retuns
07. Hardkore - FUCK!!! The Greatest World Lover, Pyramid Head BEEN GONE!!!!
08. Dantalion - Daylight
09. DZKYIN - Cyberbird
10. The Understones - (Just Keep on Doing...) What You Do

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