Apr 3, 2017

[DGR-Podcast172] DZKYIN - Neither Only Beats Live The Human, Also Of The Tone That Comes Out of The Speakers

Second podcast mix, in Extratone style, on Digital Gabba Records. Released at 03/04/2017


Death To Your Eardrums - Satanic Noises
Lord Of Sp33d & M.A.X. The Disintergrator 329 - Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Destruction Mix)
Aekhloria - The Deepest Ocean
Diabarha - System Failure
Gabberdoom - Satanist
Implant - La gran prostituta de Babilonia está aquí con siete cabezas! aquí entre nosotros!
Loffciamcore - Mindbreaker!
D.D.S.L. - 404 Internal Errors
Diabarha - Uranoid
DZKYIN - Cyberbird
D.D.S.L. - Don't Fuck With Me!!!
666speedtone999 - Extracore Annihilation
Aekhloria - Before The End (Edit)
DZKYIN - Lovecore Tune (Lovetune Core)
DJKurara - Its Over 9000!!!
Death To Your Eardrums - Black Metal Tone
Needrazyx - Experatone#04
Gabberdoom - End Of The World
Diabarha - One Insanity

Listen the Mix:

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