Apr 5, 2017

[DMTPODCAST003] DZKYIN - The Best Side Of The Underground

Mix for the podcast in Danger Murder Terror, following a multiple genres of underground-core music. "Over Limit" is a promo of the new album by DZKYIN that will be released at some point of 2017. Released at 05/04/2017

Obs. Only avaliable to download on Mixes Of My Life Vol. 1


SA†AN - Cut And Run
Plinn-1518 - Horse Fucker
Annoying Ringtone - Maria In Da Club
Diabarha - Neurosis
Morax - Naar De Klote Met Adele
Round Wave Crusher - Revenge (Bloody Rave)
DZKYIN - The Clown
Lord Of Sp33d & M.A.X. The Disintergrator 329 - Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (The Dark Sanctuary Remix)
C.R.O.W. - Krash Noets ~ This Is A Serious Shit...
Furrys Fornicate - Real Speedcore
Kurwastyle Project - Suck My Dick
DJKurara - The Speedcore New Year
Disco Cunt - Armee Der Toten (Las Vegas 909 Remix)
DZKYIN - Alone (No More)
XenoKeneesis - Xeno's Dreams
Lofficiancore - I Am Sinistar
Kurwastyle Project - The World Of LSD User
Needrazyx - Experatone#01
Diabarha - Autism
DZKYIN - Over Limit

Listen the Set Mix:  

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