Jun 8, 2018

[MM006] DZKYIN - Speedcore 2 You

The first recollection album by DZKYIN, released on Music Machine Records. Here you can find Speedcore and Extratone tracks releaseds on many compilations around the world between 2016 and 2018. Track 05 was released on EP Hard, Fast & Core, but was incluyed here cause are a Speedcore Bootleg - like is the main propuse of the album. The special cover by Maryanne, owner of MM Records, counter like one more DZKYIN's bara. The album was released at 08/06/2018


01. DZKYIN - My Oh My Speedcore
02. DZKYIN - HaloCore
03. DZKYIN - I Need Some Speedcore
04. DZKYIN - Listen To Hardcore
05. DZKYIN - I Love The Way You Make Speedcore
06. DZKYIN - Talk Me About Hardcore
07. DZKYIN - Die 10 Gebote Speedcore
08. DZKYIN - Alone (No More)
09. DZKYIN - Heaven
10. DZKYIN - Lovecore Tune (Lovetune Core)
11. DZKYIN - Its Over 9000!!!

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