Jun 24, 2018

[SKRD!!!099] TommY RuleZ - XV Anniversary Remix Album

Special remix by DZKYIN found on a Remix Album by TommY RuleZ, one owner of SKRD!!!, the best Underground Core label to Juan. Excellent Speedcore album, no dude. Released at 24/06/2018


01. TommY RuleZ - Hellsound (Original) (Remastered)
02. TommY RuleZ - Hellsound (Imil Remix)
03. TommY RuleZ - Hellsound (Soulkeeper Remix)
04. TommY RuleZ - Hellsound (DZKYIN Remix)
05. TommY RuleZ - Hellsound (El Krawallo Remix)
06. TommY RuleZ - Empty Soul... (Original) (Remastered)
07. TommY RuleZ - Empty Soul... (Dark Frequencer Remix)
08. TommY RuleZ - Empty Soul... (Your Favorite Neighbor Remix)
09. TommY RuleZ - Empty Soul... (Black Death's Darkness Remix)
10. TommY RuleZ - Empty Soul... (Amdukias Blasphemy Remix)
11. TommY RuleZ - Bankai! (Original) (Remastered)
12. TommY RuleZ - Bankai! (El Krawallo Remix)
13. TommY RuleZ - Bankai! (Prince Ov Darkness Remix)
14. TommY RuleZ - Bankai! (Hellcreator's Zanpaktou Remix)
15. TommY RuleZ - My Splitter Soul! (Original) (Remastered)
16. TommY RuleZ - My Splitter Soul! (Sarkonfungus Screwed Breaks Remix)
17.TommY RuleZ - The Last Son Of Splitter (Original) (Remastered)
18. TommY RuleZ - The Last Son Of Splitter (El Krawallo Remix)
19. TommY RuleZ - Salem Madness (Original) (Remastered)
20. TommY RuleZ - Salem Madness (Sarkonfungus' Remix)
21. El Krawallo - Mini Remix Set

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