Jan 10, 2018

Aidan Vince

= Specie: Half-blood Archangel/Human
= Music Type: Dark Atmos-Beats
= Main genres: Techno, Tech House, Progressive House
= Label: Wolfs Minimal' Label

= About =

The seventh aliase by Juan Velter. Your mother died when he was 4yo, so he had to learn to survive alone. But little time after, found a little dragon that was 6yo and was alone in life like him. Both of them decided to help each other and after 10 years, the dragon was arrested for steal and Aidan was found by Lucifer, where he passed 5 years like apprentice of the own. Was named Majestic by Lucifer, and after this, it brings your archangel name. Now, after joined the Velters, just look to make good music inspiring another peoples to never give up of then goals through a a more atmospheric kind of beats, did to expresse all him life experience

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