Jan 31, 2018

V.A - Ordo Ab Chao 2: PALLADISM

The second serie of Ordo Ab Chaos, this time with only half of the artists that the last. DZKYIN is again present on this with a different version "700% more slow" of the track released before on #ÉNoise 2017 Vol. 1. Released at 31/01/2018


01. The Child Who Killed the Swan - Plague
02. Pork Suicidal - Order To The New And Reformed Palladian Rite
03. Under The Pain - Into The Decay
04. Mourning Souls - S O A C O E I R C
05. Black Noise - Exterminio De Vidas
06. DZKYIN - Lembranças De Um Passado Esquecido (700% Mais Lento)
07. Porreria - Eu Venci o Mundo (Dedicated To Majory)

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